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Mystery Night 'Objets chargés - Charged objects'. Extra performance

We invite you to the live performances in House of Mysteries. A mysterious journey through the rooms of our house! Guest appearances: Christian Chelman (Surnateum)-Antoine Leduc (Antre-Cave)-Nikolaas Martens (Mystery Lab).Extra performance including preview exhibition: Otherwordly Things and Animals

Mystery Night 'Objets chargés - Charged objects'. Extra performance
Mystery Night 'Objets chargés - Charged objects'. Extra performance

Tijd en locatie

21 apr 2023, 20:00

Gent, Jan Botermanstraat 2, 9000 Gent, Belgium

Over de voorstelling

The objects you will see during this performance are authentic magical objects, also known as 'Objets chargés/ Charged Objects'. These objects have a magical charge and come from ancient times when people still believed in real magic, such as witches and wizards, or from cultures where such magic is still believed, such as voodoo.

These objects are on display at the House of Mysteries, originating from a private collection, and a show is performed by two Belgian magicians, Christian Chelman and Nikolaas Martens and a French magician Antoine Leduc. They will perform their show in English and demonstrate how these objects can be used to perform magic tricks, also known as 'Fantastic Illusionism'. This style of magic uses authentic magical objects and has its roots in the history of magic.

We want to point out that these objects are real and no trickery or special effects are used. We hope you will enjoy this unique and fascinating performance.

In the attic of the House of Mysteries, Nikolaas Martens will explore bizarre magical objects that have crossed his path.

In the antechamber of the House of Mysteries, Christian Chelman and Antoine Leduc are joining forces to design an exceptional and ephemeral performance.


  • Mystery Night -Charged Objects

    Ticket 'Objets Chargés - Charged Objects' Performance including preview exhibition 'Otherwordly things and animals'

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